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Dark of the Moon

The movie Dark of the Moon is the third movie in the transformer movie series. Dark of the Moon production was done by Steven Spieldog under the direction of Michael Bay. The movie is scheduled to be released on the first day of July 2011.

Filming Background

Dark of the Moon script was said to have been finished by March of 2010 and the movie's pre-shooting began on April of the same year in Los Angeles and Ukraine. Its filming started back in May 2010 with filming locations, which include Moscow, Chicago and Florida. The filming was done with the use of 3-D cameras although the movie's director was reluctant in using these cameras and it is said to have been completed on the 9th day of November of 2010. The movie has been produced to be the same length as that of Revenge of the Fallen Movie but with inclusion of more in-depth mythos, more developments in characters, more emotional and darker than the Revenge of the Fallen Movie. The movie makes use of both human and autobot characters.


Dark of the Moon movie's release will see to the first marketing done by the Hasbro. This is expected to be due in the 16th day of May of 2011.The Hasbro announced that the movies will be available in both Blu-Ray and DVD formats towards the last quarter of 2011. The movie is expected to be converted into video games for Wii, X Box 360, Nintendo 3Ds and Play-station 3.

The Dark of the Moon plot is that the autobots realizes existence of a cybertronian craft on the moon and the autobots have to race faster than the decepticons and find the spacecraft to ensure that they (autobots) learn of the secrets of the craft. The secrets are to be used in winning the transformers' battle.

Important Characters


The Film, ‘The Transformers’ happened in the year 2005. The film was made as the continuation of the 1984 Transformers where the initial creation of the Optimus Prime came to be. It is all about the life in a distant planet by the name Cybertron; a planet inhabited by robots that could transform into anything. There are two main characters in the story; Optimus Prime and Megartron. The two have become inevitable to the fans of the series.

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is known as the leader of Autobots across the globe in the Transformers franchise. His basic portrayal is that of a robot in primary vehicle mode of a semi truck. His first appearance was in the 1984’s animation series by the name Transformers in the first episodes. He later got into full action in the Transformers, a 2007 film which was directed by Michael Bay. He is depicted yet as a semi truck. However, unlike the animated series, he is more of a cab design truck and there is no trailer when he transforms to the Truck mode. He is the favorite of the Transformers fans.


The second most favorite character, only this time in the opposing side is the Megatron. He is the Decepticon leader who has succeeded in the destruction of the Autobot resistance. He lacks the love, compassion and mercy and is ruthless and determined to achieve his goal at all costs. His equal is Optimus Prime, the character he almost killed when he was young in a fuel storage attack. The name was then Orion Pax but now Optimus Prime. The strengths of Megatron lie in his ability to convert any matter into large amounts of explosive with nuclear energy.


The two are rivals and inevitable characters in Transformers. They are the main characters who make the storyline unpredictable and intriguing with every turn.

Revenge Of The Fallen

Revenge of the fallen is an American science fiction cartoon action movie that was released in the year 2009. The film was produced by the legendary Steven Spielberg and directed by Michael Bay. The “Revenge Of The Fallen” is the sequel to “Transformers” movie which was released in 2007 and it is also the second film ever to be released in live action in the Transformers trilogy.


Sam Witwicky is the main character in the movie and the main plot of the movie revolves around him. In the movie, he is the only human who is caught in a war between two groups of alien robots, which are the Decepticons and the Autobots. Sam sees some symbols that are originally from Cybertron, which is the home of the Decepticons and the Autobots. The Decepticons start hunting Sam under the orders of their leader who is known as The Fallen who has been trapped for a long time in the underworld.

The Fallen seeks to have his revenge on earth and all its inhabitants through destroying the sun and everything on earth by providing the Decepticons with a machine that will act as an energon source that is very powerful and if it is activated, it is capable of destroying everything on earth.

Film Critics

Despite of all the negative views that the movie got from critics, it was a big success in the box office and set records upon its release. In North America alone, the movie collected over $400 million and over $900 million world wide. This was the second best film that was released in 2009 after Avator and came eleventh overall in the domestic market. Along with its success at the box office, the movie won the Razzie award for the worst picture that was produced in 2009. The story line of the movie is well planned and despite all the criticism, it is a movie that is worth watching.

Revenge Of The Fallen

When it comes to video games, transformers have taken over this industry; this is because there are unique and thrilling games that one can play. One such game is Revenge Of The Fallen.

This is a shooter game in the third person and was created basing on the 2009 live action film. This game can be played on Xbox 360 as well as PlayStation, these version were created and developed by Luxoflux. After some time, this game was able to play on a PC courtesy of Beenox studios.

Revenge Of The Fallen was released on 23rd June 2009 in US and one day later, it was made available for the Australian market. Just like the Revenge Of The Fallen movie, this game features most of the plot in the movie in that it has the decepticon and the Autobot campaigns.

Revenge Of The Fallen, the game has entails two different campaigns with one showing the Autobots actions and the other depicting Decepticons actions though on the movie it expands with extra characters and missions. Unlike the previous transformer games, the player in this game is allowed to select which missions he wishes to accomplish and the exact place he intends to further drive the mission.

Revenge Of The Fallen also has multiple players, this is essential in that it can be played with several players at once. In this multiple player, there are different modes that can be played like the Deathmatch which gives the player a chance to select characters of his own in a battle dubbed “free for all”. Other modes of this game include “battle For the Shards”, “one shall stand”, “control Points”, and “team Deathmatch”. All these modes are thrilling and give the player the fun that he requires. This game features great graphics and music that ensures the player is motivated as he plays.

War Of Cybertron

There are many types of games in the modern world but none can match the fun and thrills that come with transformers War of Cybertron.

This transformer game is a video game that uses the third person shooter developed by High Moon Studios. This game was released on 22nd June 2010 in North America though in the PAL regions it was introduced in June of the same year. This game is compatible with PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 as well as PC. For Nintendo DS, portable versions of this game were released and had an Autobot campaign as well as decepticon campaign.


Transformers War of Cybertron is played on the planet known as cybertron. This game entails the Decepticons and the Autobots engaging in a civil war and it can begin from a faction perspective though in the real case, it should chronologically start with Decepticon campaign. This game utilizes the substances like Dark Energon which is used by the Decepticon leader and Megatron who believes that this substance can help him return to the planet which he refers to as golden age.


The characters in this game are mainly robots; the transformers also have the ability to transform themselves from the robot nature to other alternate forms like jets and tanks. Played in the third person perspective, this game has four main categories which include Leader, soldier, scientist as well as scout thus the each character is categorized as one of these. The characters live and fighting ability is enhanced by the use of weapons, vehicles as well as the ability to overcome the challenges they face.

Due to high demand of this game, it is now available in multiplayer version and features some unique experience like leveling systems, perks, upgrades and so on. This multiplayer version also has several modes that you can choose from like deathmatch, conquest, battlefront and others.


The use of transformer toys started becoming popular long before the transformer movies were released in 2007. The transformer toys include those of bad and good guys. Now transformer toys come in various sizes and shapes, which include cars, electronics, tanks, boats, helicopters, motorcycles, jets, fire engines among others. These toys are classified according to different toy categories. Some of these transformer toy categories include generation 1 and 2, energon, beast wars, mixed lots, Japanese, cybertron, armada, machine wars, disguised robots, 2007 movie, AFA-graded among others.

These toys give different play experiences for all kinds of kids. The main plot of majority of the transformer toys is those robots that originate from other planets transform themselves into different forms that are familiar in different environments and hence making it to easily blend to given environments. Now transformers toys are not only loved by kids only but also some adults who either collect them either to resell them or who have just made transformer collecting a hobby. Kids and adults are intrigued with transformer toys because various toys have different figures that exhibit different action abilities that makes the user entertained all through. The toys’ actions also enhance the user's imagination at different levels.

Transformers for kids and adults

Some of the transformers toys that are collectible include transformers originating from limited releases, old transformers and those transformers that were released in other countries. Therefore, it will be right to say that transformers are not only limited to a given age of people but also can be used by all age groups from small kids to toy enthusiast adults. Finally, the transformer toys have lead to the creation of games, videos and movies that are intriguing and entertaining to watch for both kids and adults as well. Examples of such include the Revenge of the Fallen, War of Cybertron and Dark of the moon games and movies. Transformer toys can be accessed through local toy retailers or purchasing online.